How to buy MoocoinV3

Here is a step by step guide on how to buy BEP20 (Binance Smart Chain) Tokens. In this case we are going to buy MoocoinV3 tokens.

If you already have a wallet containing BNB you can skip some steps.


Register at Binance here:
When you have completed the registration its time for you to transfer money to your Binance account:

1. Press the yellow button.

2. Choose BNB.

3. Choose amount and click Buy.

4. Select Payment Method and press confirm.

5. Confirm Order.

6. Purchase Successful. Press View wallet.


2. Download Trust wallet
Trust wallet can be downloaded here:

When you have completed the registration its time to transfer your BNB from the Binance account to your Trust wallet:

1. Press the Receive button.

2. Choose BNB / press BNB.

3. Press the copy button.

(In the red circle you can see your BNB address)

4. Open your Binance app and press the wallet icon and then click on BNB.

5. Press the Withdraw button.

6. Paste address from Trust wallet into the address field.
Choose BEP2 network.
No need for MEMO.
Choose Amount or press Max.
Press Withdraw.

7. Press Confirm.
When you press confirm you need to enter securitycode according to your registration.

8. Now your BNB is in your Trust wallet.


Swap your BNB to BNB Smart Chain
Open Trust Wallet

1. Press BNB.

2. Press More.

3. Press Swap to Smart Chain.

4. Press the first zero.
Choose 75% and press Done.

5. Press Swap.

6. Press send.

Congratulations! You are now ready to trade on the Smart Chain.

Now lets learn how to pre-order MoocoinV3

Open Trust Wallet and press Send.

2. Press Smart Chain

3. Paste address: 0x1c5B9Ab896b28400C9597bFA3d79BA401061A2B6
-Choose Amount
-Press Next

4. Press Send

You can check your MOO3 balance and trade other BEP20 (Binance Smart Chain) Tokens at PooCoin BSC Charts and

Chart for MOO3 is available here: Chart